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I N T E G R A L   M A N A G E M E N T   P O L I C Y  

At Casa Barichara Boutique, we are committed to the Sustainable Development of our territory.  We implement a Management System that integrates actions for the well-being of our collaborators and clients, constantly promoting the improvement of our environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts.






We have achieved significant results in our operation around the fair use of rainwater resources, solar energy, sustainable architecture, the prevention of atmospheric, visual, and auditory pollution, the decrease in the use of printed material, and the management of solid waste.


We also help conserve the tangible and intangible heritage in which we operate and support our community differently. We responsibly link our workers regardless of their form of hiring, and we take care of our policy for suppliers and purchasing. We highlight our commitment to protect our children and adolescents from the commercial sexual exploitation of CSEC.


Likewise, we understand that our activity will be sustainable if we can adapt our Management System to counteract the operation's negative environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts, identifying the dangers, assessing and establishing the due controls for the occupational risks to which we are exposed. Furthermore, we promote regenerative tourism to encourage continuous improvement through education in sustainable development within our stakeholders and complying with current regulations applicable to our sector.



Sustainability and Biosecurity

The training workshops on Sustainability, Biosafety, and Occupational Health & Safety with our team of collaborators are held periodically, according to the company's Comprehensive Management Plan.


Learning with the community

Participating in the training offered by the municipality and local organizations and being involved in the economic reactivation table and the tourism advisory council allows us to be active members of our Barichara community.


Buy Local

Casa Barichara Boutique is a living sample of the local culture. Its team of hosts and advisors, every corner of the house, its garden, the design and decoration, the services, and every cooked bite, has been inspired, designed, built, and always prepared first, with local labor and products.

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