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There are six lovely and spacious rooms in Casa Barichara Boutique, all of them surrounded by lush gardens. We offer a delicious homemade breakfast, a varied library for reading lovers, and a beautiful terrace with a pool to look at the stunning view of the Yariguíes mountain range. Moreover, we have placed the best host team who are the soul of our house..



2 p m


11 a m


  7 a m - 10 p m

H O T E L   M A N A G E M E N T 

8 a m -  5 p m

Maximum accommodation for 18 people for the six rooms.

Homemade breakfast is included, along with coffee, tea, and local natural juices.

The house has an outdoor pool, a terrace, a hammock area next to the social space, and a library.

We have a garden with fruits and local herbs from Santander, which we use in our kitchen.

There is hotel insurance included for all of our guests.

It provides telephone assistance and, if necessary, transfer to a hospital.

In your stay, you will also have concierge

and laundry services, Wi-Fi, a parking lot, and all the rooms have a smart tv.

Casa Barichara Boutique is a smoke-free space, and pets are not allowed.

We take care of the gardens in which we grow our food, 

and we respect the general wishes of our guests. 

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